Dogs Protect Fawn After Devastating Fire
August 27, 2015 #nature
By Johnny Ornelas
The fires currently blazing across the West Coast of the United States have left a wave of destruction, but an Idaho man recently took a picture that shows nature's compassionate side. 

Louis Armstrong posted a photo on Facebook in mid-August showing a sheep dog and two puppies protecting a dead fawn that had presumably been killed in a fire which had recently ravaged the area. According to the Associated Press, Armstrong was surveying his family's 300-acre area of land for damage when he noticed the dogs. Armstrong told AP the dogs belonged to his neighbor.

The AP reported that the dogs "stayed until dark, warding off people and potential predators," noting that Armstrong had checked on the dogs several times during the day. "They were definitely trying to protect it," Armstrong told local news station KBOI. "I thought it was pretty amazing." 

While Armstrong's home had not been damaged, others in the area were not so lucky. The AP reports that 42 homes in the Kamiah, Idaho, area were destroyed in the blaze. 

The blaze that burned through Armstrong's land is a small part of the larger series of wildfires that have been ravaging the western region of the United States in recent weeks.  According to FOX News, four states currently are coping with wildfires: California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.  

Two days before Armstrong photographed the three guardian dogs in Idaho, three firefighters were killed in Washington after their vehicle crashed and was engulfed in wildfire flames. Despite the loss, firefighters continue to battle the wildfires -- FOX News reports 12,000 firefighters have been dispatched in California alone. 

This one got me in the feels. Lots of destruction and sadness in the Kamiah area - I found this dead fawn this morning....

Posted by Louis Armstrong on Monday, August 17, 2015

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