Landis Suffered Abuse Until A Rescue Team Took Him In
July 4, 2015 #nature
By Kathy Finney

It breaks our heart whenever we find another story of animal abuse. Luckily, these stories also take a positive turn. This is the ongoing story of Landis, a puppy so deformed, some were calling him "Gargoyle". 

When an animal shelter reached out to to help Landis, they couldn't say no. 

The nature of his deformities indicated that he had been forced to live in a tiny space. Despite his size, he is estimated to be 2 years old. 

Project Landis

With no room to grow, Landis developed bent legs and a curved spine. Initial examinations also revealed that all four of the tendons in his legs were ruptured. 

Despite his harsh life, Landis has a warm personality. 

He is curious and playful, and is quickly adjusting to being showered with TLC.

In less than a month, under the care of everyone at , Landis is showing incredible progress. 

His hind legs are much improved, but his front legs will likely need surgery. 

Hundreds have already reached out to Second Chance Rescue asking about adoption. 

While most of the animal rescue stories we share at SF Globe end with pups finding their new homes, Landis is still under care, and has not yet been cleared to be adopted. 

You can follow his progress on the page. 

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