Build An Under-The-Stairs Dog House
April 15, 2015 #dog
By Kathy Finney

This is Jack, an adorable Wheaten terrier. Though he's good at finding little nooks to sleep in, Jack's family decided it was time for his own little den. 

After seeing a few ideas on pinterest, HeldatNeedlepoint and her dad were ready to break ground- or wall, in this case. A den under the stairs was a perfect way to give him his own room without adding additional furniture to the house. 

They started by cutting a hole as large as they could without letting the stringers show.

Then they sized the doorway for comfortable entry for Jack. It looks like he's already getting comfortable with his private little nook. 

Measure twice, cut once.

Time to start the build-out. 

They used pine for the exterior, and shims to add shingles. 

A little more trim and the exterior is finished.

Of course, the interior needs to be just as cozy. It's completely finished wood inside, and fits Jack's bed perfectly.

A charming addition to a home, and Jack loves it. 

When the images were shared, people couldn't help but make references to Harry Potter, and Jack now has a letter of acceptance to "Dogwarts School of Barkcraft and Howlery."
For anyone curious about how such an addition might affect home resale, it may decrease value to some buyers, but the house would have unique appeal to any potential buyer with a small dog. I know I would love one in my home! 

What do you think of this addition? Let us know by commenting below. 
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