Baby Koala Clings To His Mom During Her Surgery. This Is Too Precious
June 16, 2015 #nature
By Henry Cannon

On a highway in Brisbane, Australia, a car ran into a koala and her six-month-old joey. Mom, Lizzy, suffered a collapsed lung and was immediately taken to the nearby animal hospital in Beerwah, Queensland. Lizzy's baby, Phantom, was not seriously injured but he accompanied Mom to the hospital.

Lizzy's operation was a success and she is currently in recovery, with Phantom right at her side. Pictures from the surgery quickly went viral largely because of the young joey, who clung to his mother throughout the procedure. We can't blame the actions of the six-month-old, who is too young to be without his nurturing mother. Only now, he's the one doing the nurturing.

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital has treated nearly 60,000 patients since its conception back in 2004. According to KTLA, the hospital was opened in honor of the late Steve Irwin's mother, Lyn Irwin. She and her husband Bob opened the doors to the Australia Zoo in 1970, when little Steve was just 8 years young.

Here at SFG, we were glad to hear that Lizzy was okay, and we wish her a speedy recovery. Hopefully she and Phantom will be out in their natural habitat soon enough, so Mom can teach her young the ways of life. The pictures of the two of them are truly touching. What did you think?

Little Phantom would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped us treat his mum Lizzy, and who has taken...

Posted by Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital on Tuesday, June 9, 2015
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